Everything is more fun with good community and lots of laughs! Grab some friends and get in shape without even knowing it! Classes are a cheaper option for anyone still looking for the correct guidance in their exercise journey. My classes are the same time every day so you can always know when to show up.


Monday-Friday 7 A.M. 

Mon, Wed, Fri 9 AM

 Enjoy the beauty of the woods of Lake Geneva as you can expect to be outside for many of the sessions. If the weather is right I will open up both of the big doors for perfect fresh air for a workout. 

Welcome to Exodus Personal Training! 

My name is Dante Digangi. I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. I teach the fundamentals of exercise and strength training, while at the same time encourage a happier and healthier lifestyle. As a former professional athlete, the only way I could thrive in my training was to be in the best environments with the best equipment and the best coaching. On that note, my goal is to give others that same opportunity. 

I feel blessed and fortunate to have created what I believe is the most ideal setting for anyone to reach their health or fitness goal.

 I am confident that Exodus Personal Training will be the answer for anyone looking to lose some extra weight, increase athletic performance, or someone looking to feel better, move better, and have more energy.

Coming to my gym will change your life as it has for many. I fully trust in my program and have seen it effectively reach goals for all of my clients.

Lets get to work on getting you to where you want to be, and I promise to take every step with you!

Become The strongest version of yourself

Exodus Personal training


a new meaning to fresh air

group classes

Enjoy the privacy of scheduled 1:1 sessions with me. After a complimentary consultation we will get started on your personal program design. Catered to your speed and ability, while still pushing you to break new levels of fitness, 1:1 sessions are the most effective choice for reaching your fitness goals. If you work with me in my gym, my program WILL change your life. That is my promise to you!