1:1 Personal training

If your youth athlete is aspiring to compete at a State, National, or World level, I have the experience of competing at ALL of those levels as an athlete. I competed at all those levels in the highest pressure situations. Learning to let your body do what it knows how to do while competing isn't easy. My program will effectively train your youth athlete to gain speed and strength in a safe manner as well as teaching them the correct fundamentals of strength and conditioning. Lifting weights can be dangerous for under developed young people. Allow me to teach them how to develop their core muscles and build safely from there. Along with this type of coaching, I will also coach youth athletes on competing in high pressure situations. I have learned from experience competing on a world level the ways that I was able to beat mental games and let my body do what it was trained to do. I believe every young athlete should have the luxury of mental and physical training and I am very proud to say that I can offer that to your youth athlete. Working with me and my program, your youth athlete WILL gain speed and strength, as well as a mental edge to compete at their highest level so they can step up their game this season. Trust me, I can help you!


group classes

My client Mickey Setteducate and I posing for a picture after I watched him crush it at his high school football game. Mickey trains with me to gain strength and size for his upcoming senior football season and has seen improvements in his performance and strength from our workouts.

1:1 training is a great option for a lot of different reasons. Many people don't care for crowded gyms, especially people new to exercise. There is nothing wrong with that! 1:1 training is a great option for you. You could also be an exercise veteran looking to get pushed even further. How it works is we sit down together and go over some of your goals and write them down. Then we will discuss how many times a week you will come for your workout. I will write a specific program design custom for you. That can be weightloss, strength and conditioning, athletic performance, or even simply just wanting to move and feel better with more energy. Then we will set either reoccurring times each week that you come in, or we can move your appointments around to better suit your schedule. My custom programs for  clients have seen HUGE success in weightloss and strength gains. I 100% believe in my program and I know that it WILL change your life. Lets get started today on taking your life and health back to a place you want it to be!

Sam Storms is a D1 softball player entering into her junior year at Saint Peter's University. Sam trained with me this summer to improve her strength and stamina for her next season. Through her training here she gained strength in many areas, but her standout was her dead lift. Setting the woman's dead lift record here at Exodus Personal Training with a 225 lb. dead lift, Sam really showed how her hard work paid off. As well as her workouts in the gym, I also spent time with Sam in the field pitching her balls for batting practice.

 Group classes are a great option for anyone who enjoys being in a group setting. You can expect a lot of different exercises that are challenging and fun. This is a great motivator for people as well. When you have people counting on you being there it really helps to push you to show up and get some work done. Classes are full of laughs and good vibes because we are all getting healthier and stronger together! 


Monday-Friday 7 A.M.

Youth athletic training